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I am the Spirit,  I am the Portal,  I am the Eyes of the Oracle


Sincerely meant, spoken from the heart with all good intent.
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Nyxx Noir is a 3rd Generation tarot reader. Like the cards they use imbued with the 75 years of  wisdom, passed down through the generation of Mysticism & magic within there bloodline.


Originally from the Black Mountains of North Carolina, they are the medium and portal through the veil. 


 Welcoming the shamanic energies of his familiar spirit to help guide many people through the cycles of healing, death & rebirth.

A NATIVE/Dual spirited creature, Nyxx is a practitioner of

traditional folk magick and old world witchcraft to bring forth and empower us in our highest potential to reclaim our power.


Birthed from the woods of justice, we fight for peace, we fight to be seen. 


The Eyes of the Oracle is a cultivated expression that has been Invisioned by spirit! I am a vessel for which spirit comes through with a message for you.


Within these reading we will dive into your many lives uncovering your magic and how to harvest it & remember who you are. By welcoming you guides forward to give us insight for what you need to know as well as how to navigate this earthly realm.

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